Communication and Transmission Systems

DasNet has teamed with a major prime contractor, through the Army’s Communication and Transmission Systems (CTS) contract, to provide the US Army with communications services covering the complete range of services and products from satellite communications to running fiber cabling through outside channels. The Army will be utilizing this multi-billion dollar contract world-wide.


The Communication and Transmission Systems (CTS) contract, has been sub-divided into Tasks and Services, as follows:


Tasks: Fixed Station Satellite Systems (FS3) Deployed Satellite Systems; Baseband, TCF, MCF and Ancillary Equipment; Long-Haul Transmission Systems; Radio Systems; Wireless Systems; Audio/Visual Systems; Critical AC/DC Power and Environmental Systems (CADPES); Components and Spares; Wideband Planning, Management and Control; Local Area Networks


Services: Systems Support; Operation and Maintenance; Mobile Maintenance Team Technicians (MMTT) and Help Desk Services; Engineering; System and Equipment Prototyping; Studies, Analysis and Reporting; Construction Services; Integrated Logistics Support; Leasing of Systems, Facilities, and Equipment


Program Information

Erv Robinson

(631) 792-1755

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