Precision Strike Technology Symposium 2014 – PSTS-14

Strength Through Investment – Decisive Strike Capabilities

Laurel, Maryland - October 21, 2014

Maintaining superior military capabilities are essential both to the credibility of America’s commitments to allies and partners and to our ability to deter threats. As DoD continues to pursue core objectives laid out in QDR-14, the precision strike community must engage in the investment of capabilities that will give our nation the edge on the battlefield.


PSTS-14 will focus on ensuring that the U.S. military keeps its strategic advantage. You will gain insights on critical topics that will showcase opportunities and innovations for the future of warfare that will be addressed as part of our theme Strength Through Investment—Decisive Strike Capabilities. Further, the intent of PSTS-14 is to gain a greater understanding of the capabilities possessed by potential adversaries. Therefore, during PSTS-14, we also will pursue challenges and issues related to NATO, Russia, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific Region that require the attention of the precision strike community.


Key leadership speakers will highlight several hot topics including Intelligence & Cyber Challenges, Hot Spots in Africa, NATO’s Role in the New Security Environment, Russian Military Power in Europe—Doctrine & Capabilities, Asia-Pacific Rebalance, Bomber Force Structure, Conventional Prompt Global Strike, and Nuclear Deterrence

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