DasNet Becomes a Member of the USAV Group

Bohemia, New York - January 30, 2015


Bohemia, New York – January 29, 2015 DasNet is pleased to announce that it has been accepted as a member of the USAV Group, a select association of leading professional audio-visual (ProAV) integrators and manufacturers. The USAV Group's goal is to leverage the experience and competencies of its affiliated integrators, PMPs, and management to meet the needs of clients and consultants locally and nationally, whose members are focused on producing innovative AV solutions to help organizations successfully integrate the most advanced AV tools on the market.

Over the course of 2014, USAV added eight new dealers to the ranks, three integration service group members and five buying group members. The most recent integrator to come on-board was DasNet Corporation (www.DasNetCorp.com) in Long Island, NY. They joined the integration services group in December 2014.


"DasNet Corp is a great addition to the USAV team. We continually seek strong integrators that expand our coverage and add to our competitive edge,” said USAV CEO, K.C. Schwarz. "DasNet adds strength to the USAV presence in the Eastern U.S. Their extensive experience and knowledge with government and military projects make them a great resource for other USAV Members.”
“We are ecstatic about joining the USAV team and its compilation of national AV professionals.” said DasNet Corporation President & CEO, D. Salley. “Although DasNet has a sizeable international footprint to serve the needs of our clients and partners abroad, it took years to develop and at considerable expense. As a new member of USAV, we plan to expand and develop our local presence domestically, within all fifty states, within a much shorter period and with experienced AV integration partners with similar interests and obligations. We look forward to connecting with each and every member to ascertain the ideal working relationship that best fits our mutual needs and those of our client(s) – the U.S. Government and U.S. Military. ”
About DasNet Corporation
For over fifteen years, DasNet, headquartered on Long Island, New York, has been providing engineering professional services to the U.S. and foreign governments around the world for well over a decade. Through its offices in countries such as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and South Korea, DasNet has utilized its experience in C4I technical, engineering, information technology; security systems solutions, programmatic analysis services, and program management support to support the Departments of Defense and State, civilian federal agencies, and foreign governments. Its approach focuses on consistently applying proven methods based on mature processes that fulfill all of the anticipated support objectives of its clients. Its approach leverages the success and professional partnerships that DasNet has established in support of Government missions. DasNet has made the investments required to implement a management philosophy and business strategy that is tailored to assure long term success and task satisfaction. Its knowledge management business model and supporting management processes ensure responsiveness, compliance, and efficiency. DasNet’s strategic partnering positions its team to perform complex tasks, implement new technologies, design innovative solution sets, as well as apply best practices consistently.
About USAV
USAV is the definitive alliance of ProAV integrators delivering ProAV solutions across the United States. The company, headquartered in the Denver area, has dealers throughout the country. Each dealer is dedicated to designing, sourcing, implementing, and supporting commercial ProAV projects. Founded in 2001, USAV has attracted leading dealers and manufactures in forming the nation’s premier ProAV team. For more information, visit www.USAVGroup.net.
Program Contact
Erv Robinson
DasNet Corporation
(631) 792-1755
Media Contact
Robert Sanders
DasNet Corporation
Media Relations

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