Congratulations to HP and the Winning NGEN Team

Bohemia, New York - July 15, 2013

The Navy picked HP as the prime contractor on its Next Generation Enterprise Network contract worth $3.5 billion over five years over a team lead by Harris Corp. and Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC), whose team also included General Dynamics, Cisco and Verizon .

HP’s Enterprise Services division is the incumbent contractor on the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), which NGEN replaces. 

NGEN is a services contract that will now help the Navy and Marine Corps manage and operate its IT infrastructure network, which government-owned and operated with 400,000 seats and 800,000 users around the globe.

HP’s team includes AT&T, IBM, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman.   DasNet Corporation is a second-tier subcontractor who partnered with AT&T to help deliver a winning bid.

As set out in the June 27th edition of Washington Technology, the new contract has two parts: one for enterprise services, which is everything that touches the end user, and the other for transport services, the infrastructure portion.  

Because of the multiple ways of bidding on NGEN, the two teams submitted seven proposals for the Navy to evaluate.  The evaluation process focused on getting the best price for the Navy so the bids were evaluated on a lowest price, technically acceptable criteria.

In addition to price and affordability, the Navy wanted:

  • A mechanism to bring innovation to the network going forward.
  • To gain greater command and control over the network.
  • The ability to have continuous competition.

The contract is structured with one base year, worth $321.7 million, and four option years. The option years bring the total value of the contract to $3.5 billion. Already obligated to the contract is $140 million. NGEN is expected to save the Navy $1 billion over five years.

About DasNet Corporation


DasNet, headquartered on Long Island, New York, has been providing engineering professional services to the U.S. and foreign governments around the world for over a decade. Through its offices in countries such as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and South Korea, DasNet has utilized its experience in C4I technical, engineering, information technology; security systems solutions, programmatic analysis services, and program management support to support the Departments of Defense and State, civilian federal agencies, and foreign governments. Its approach focuses on consistently applying proven methods based on mature processes that fulfill all of the anticipated support objectives of its clients. Its approach leverages the success and professional partnerships that DasNet has established in support of Government missions. DasNet has made the investments required to implement a management philosophy and business strategy that is tailored to assure long term success and task satisfaction. Its knowledge management business model and supporting management processes ensure responsiveness, compliance, and efficiency. DasNet’s strategic partnering positions its team to perform complex tasks, implement new technologies, design innovative solution sets, as well as apply best practices consistently.


Robert Sanders
DasNet Corporation
Media Relations

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