Satellite Communications

Presently, satellite communications serves as the core of all military communications, especially during wars on foreign territory and unfriendly terrains. Contemporary satellite links support a significant amount of IP traffic, especially video feeds and high-resolution imagery, apart from conventional voice communications. DasNet has been performing satellite installation, integration and monitoring services to Government clients for over a decade and with the award of SATCOM II, is poised to provide even more services globally throughout the next decade.

 Satellite Communications

Technological developments such as improved satellite network communications protocols and novel compact antennas with signal locking capabilities have contributed greatly to the increased use of satellite service by the military and commercial components. It is the technology of choice when providing communications services to most places on Earth; where microwave and fiber communications systems are not feasible and economical. DasNet's satellite professional services include satellite bandwidth provisioning and earth terminal design and deployment (requirements gathering, site survey, link budget analysis, satellite terminal equipment specifications, installation, commissioning, testing, operations and maintenance).

Our satellite solutions offering include traditional and new satellite transmission technologies:

  • Satellite Network Optimization. Over time, dedicated high speed backbone links between major nodes in an enterprise, commercial and military network, are due a technological enhancement. DasNet performs these assessments on client systems consisting of satellite farms with large Standard As or remote sites with a single Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) or the hub terminal.

  • Bandwidth Optimization. With new modem technologies pushing down hardware prices, satellite WANs are breaking out of the traditional military, mobile, and maritime industry segments they have been associated with over the last decade. In turn, DasNet is enhancing legacy systems with TCP acceleration hardware with products that overcome the network latency inherent in space-bound communications links.