DasNet Engineering Solutions

DasNet technical solutions are designed, engineered and executed utilizing several unvarying principles – (1) Merge the separation of creativity, compliance, and needs; (2) Integrate ergonomically, aesthetically, and functionally into existing infrastructures; (3) Quality standards and proven processes based to support installation and commissioning; (4) Meet or exceed scalability and total life cycle objectives as major end items; and (5) provide 100% requirement adherence.

DasNet has been supporting advanced concept system development programs for the past decade for both industry and government. We offer a broad and flexible range of solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs and budgets of clients and suppliers in the communications industry. Our technical skills encompass the entire systems engineering process, from requirements analysis, functional analysis and allocation through design synthesis and verification, all balanced by systems analysis and control activities. DasNet’s staff includes experts in all key disciplines, including: space systems, ground control and command and control systems, communications systems, configuration management, operations research, software development and test and evaluation.

Embedding conceptual and modeling approaches to enhance our intrinsic engineering processes result in increased client participation, productive developmental engagements, thorough understandings of perceived outcomes, and increased satisfaction with the end products. We remain committed to providing highly effective engineering solutions that address clients’ needs, while minimizing programmatic, technical, and operational risks.